Clothespin craft--giraffe and zebra which-craft

Clothespin craft--giraffe and zebra

Clothespin craft--giraffe






5.Googly eyes

Clothespin craft--giraffe

STEP 1: Take out the yellow clothespin. 

STEP 2: Cut cardboard into an oval shape for body. 

STEP 3: Use thumb in brown paint to create spots on giraffe’s body and the clothespins. 

STEP 4: Attach clothespins to body as legs and neck.

STEP 5: Glue pom pom inside clothespin to form head.

STEP 6: Glue pipecleaner to the back of neck clothespin


Clothespin craft--Zebra

Clothespin craft--zebra

STEP 1: Take out clothespins in white and paint clothespins black stripe and let dry.

STEP 2: Cut cardboard into shape for body,tail,and small mane,and combin them with glue and stick eye


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